Frequently asked questions

What does "experience makes the difference" mean?

Our KPS team members have all held positions in dealerships including general manager, partner, finance director, sales manager, and finance manager for in excess of 150 years combined.

Why does KPS primarily focus on the finance department?

KPS actuall provides solutions for most all of the dealership departments. What all dealerships have in common is that the F&I Department holds the key to the largest amount of potential profit and customer loyalty.

Why does KPS consider education such a priority?

Protecting the dealer is our #1 priority. Our process includes innovative use of all current compliance requirements as a means to produce higher profits and better relationship with the consumer.

Do you offer AFIP Certification?

Yes. KPS sponsors periodic AFIP bootcamps that are held at dealer partner facilities. Please check out our Education Page to see updates and locations.

What is different about KPS and thier Products?

There are several value points that place us above the crowd. - We have the BEST MEDIUM TO HIGH MILEAGE VSC product in the market today. - KPS offers customized finance and insurance products to meet the business model of our dealer partners. - KPS offers products in the Automotive, RV, Powrsports and Marine markets. - Our Products are available to Franchise and Independent dealers. - We take pride in bringing you success - We do what is necessary to bring you success and higher numbers. - Our team continues their training so we can always bring you knowledge, products and ideas you can use to grown your profit. and so much more!

What is the 400% Rule?

For years the industry has recognized the 300% Rule which is: - 100% of the products - 100% of the time - 100% of the people KPS has added: -100% COMPLIANCE! That makes up the 400% RULE.

If I choose to sign up, what does the relationship include?

KPS offer an ala carte menu of included services: 1. Complete 3 day installation kick off. 2. Current prodction assessment and growth plan. 3. Intensive in store one on one training. 4. Finance Manager fill in (for vacations or turnover) 5. Monthly production measurement. 6. Implementation of action plans to increase production. 7. Assistance with candidates for employment. 8. Administrative assistance. 9. 24/7 customer service availability. And more depending on our dealer partners needs. You can opt in for one or all of our options. That is what makes us so customizable. We only bring you what you want and need.

Why arent your partnered dealers listed on your website like other competitors?

Thats a good question. We do not feel the need to showcase our list of partners as we mainly work off of dealer referrals. Our experience and results is what we feel will win you over not our client list. Success is contagious. We believe if we are successful at our job you will know who our dealers are just by word of mouth.

How do sign up or get more information?

Contact our President Mike Dyer at to schedule a meeting or to ask any questions you might have. All conversations are confidential.