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Xzilon was founded in 2003 to address the changing needs of appearance care in the automotive industry, setting the industry benchmark for high performance protection products and establishing itself as the go-to brand for automotive appearance care across the country.

Caring Brands International – a longtime supplier of Xzilon’s chemistries – purchased Xzilon in early 2019 to leverage its successful supply chain management and the shared resources between its other standout brands like Microbe Free Solutions and Innovative Product Solutions. Today, CBI operates as a powerhouse group of companies with Xzilon entirely dedicated to its own overriding goal: pushing the envelope of what’s possible in vehicle and personal space protection to enhance the customer experience of ownership.




Many years ago, when lead was removed from automotive and other transportation vehicle paint, the paint lost luster, durability, and softness. The powder-coating paint used today is just a fraction of the thickness that paint used to be! And because it’s only covered by a porous clear coat, vehicles are more vulnerable to environmental damages than ever before.

Xzilon’s carbon ceramic polymeric coating with graphene covalently bonds to the external painted surfaces of your vehicle providing an advanced protection barrier and producing a clear, hard, smooth, and mirror-like surface. Containing no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), Xzilon safely restores the strength, flexibility, and elevated heat resistance that lead and other solvents used to provide while maintaining its luster and shine for years to come!

Unlike typical auto waxes and wax-based products that emulsify (or break down) off the vehicle with just the kind of surface heat that can occur on a sunny day, Xzilon is tested and proven to perform up to 700°F. This ensures long-lasting protection for your investment and an unmatched ease of maintenance so that you’re always ready for the road ahead.


Xzilon originally pioneered the use of antimicrobials within the automotive and transportation industries over a decade ago, designing them as a replacement for the traditional solvent-based hydrophobic coatings that had been the popular choice for years. Xmicrobe was introduced as an all-in-one approach that offers the stain protection power that customers expect with the elevated value of long-term odor-control. 


With over 100 years of combined antimicrobial experience on its leadership team, Xzilon continues to lead the industry in protecting what matters most. Originally developed by Dr. Curtis White – formerly of Dow Corning – Xmicrobe has a safety profile that is unmatched and touts over 30 years of proven success in a variety of market segments around the world.


The use of Xmicrobe offers comprehensive interior protection via total environment coverage, providing you with peace of mind and ease of maintenance unequaled by other products.


• Auto

• Recreational Vehicles

• Powersports

• Marine


• Carbon Ceramic Exterior Protection

• Xmicrobe All-in-One Interior Protection

• Protection When Dents Occur

• Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Protection

• Diamond Grade Ceramic Exterior Protection

• Windshield & Glass Modifier

• Fresh Start

KPS is a proud partner of Xzilon!

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